Keep Guests on Track with 7 Types of Fun Wayfinding Signage for Pediatric Healthcare Spaces

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!

Signs are a very important part of your visitor experience. They let people know  ‘where am I?’, ‘where is my destination?’ and ‘how do I get from here to there?’.

Wayfinding signage is an essential aspect of any business or facility, and it goes beyond just guiding people from one place to another. It is a critical component in creating an organic guest experience that makes visitors feel comfortable and confident in your space. Effective wayfinding signage provides clear and accurate information about the layout and features of the space, from restrooms and exits to amenities and services.

We’re going to focus on child-friendly signage and how to help

While wayfinding signage is not meant to advertise or promote, it does play a vital role in portraying a positive company image and strengthening your brand. It helps visitors to navigate your space with ease, making their experience more enjoyable and memorable.

We’re going to dive into images from the IDS archives and take a look at different types of signs, their purpose, and let you know why they are so important to creating a great environment for children.

7 Types of Signs You Should Use in Your Family-friendly Business

There are many different types of wayfinding signage that can be used to help people find their way: identification, informational, directional, and regulatory. Some of these signs can be more fun and interactive than others. Let’s take a look at some great examples of fun signage that will appeal to children and their families.

1. Welcome Signs

Welcome guests to your office in the most obvious way… with a giant welcome sign! Welcome signs are a type of wayfinding signage that is specifically designed to greet and orient visitors to a business. They create a positive first impression and help visitors feel more at ease when they arrive at your business.

A well-designed welcome sign can communicate important messages about the business’s brand, such as its personality, values, and the products or services it offers. This can help to establish a brand identity that customers can connect with.

Logo Welcome Signs

You don’t have to say the word ‘welcome’ when inviting guests in – welcome guests with confirmation that they are in the right location with a big bold sign showing your name or logo.

Jungle themed sign reading "Children's Dentistry of Pocatello".

2. Directional Signage

Wayfinding signs can help visitors orient themselves and find their way around your business, reducing the risk of them getting lost or feeling frustrated. They will also feel empowered as they will be able to find what they are looking for without having to ask for assistance.

Overall, directional signs are an essential element of wayfinding in a business, helping customers to navigate the space and enhancing their experience. By providing clear directions, saving time, enhancing the customer experience, and establishing brand identity, directional signs can play a crucial role in a business’s success.

Bathroom Signage

Every sign can be themed. Bright, bold colors make these bathroom signs stand out and catch people’s attention.

Instead of traditional bathroom signage, use playful language, silly characters, or puns to make the signs more fun and lighthearted. This appeals to children and will leave a good impression on their parents.

Room and Chair Designations

While wayfinding encompasses many different aspects of navigation, helping people find their intended chair or treatment room is a key component.

To ensure your dental office signage is effective for all age groups, it’s important to consider the needs and abilities of each demographic. For example, if you work with young patients in a pediatric environment, it’s likely that they won’t be able to read a written sign. In such cases, incorporating easily recognizable characters or imagery can be an effective way to help children navigate the space. For instance, the “hippo room” and “zebra room” names may be difficult for a child to read, but associating them with the corresponding animal characters can make it easy for them to identify the rooms at a glance. By considering the needs of different age groups and incorporating visual cues, you can create signage that is both functional and engaging for all patients.

By helping visitors navigate your business more easily and feel more comfortable, navigational signs can contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

3. Label Signs

The importance of clear and concise signage cannot be overstated. In the examples below, visitors will know exactly what each station is used for and if it is for them to use.

4. Monument Exterior Signs

Monument exterior signs are large, freestanding signs. These signs are often located at the entrance to a property, or along a busy road or highway. Monument exterior signs are highly visible and can help draw attention to your business, especially from people driving by or passing by on foot.

A well-designed monument exterior sign can help establish your business as a fun, friendly place catering to children and families.

5. Pylon Street Signs

Functioning similarly to a monument sign but towering hiiigh above traffic, a pylon sign is an excellent way to create a high-impact billboard for your business. By utilizing a tall structure, a pylon sign can be seen from a greater distance, making it an effective tool for attracting new customers and promoting your brand.

Pylon signs are often located near highways or other high-traffic areas, making them an ideal choice for businesses that want to increase their visibility and stand out from the competition. With eye-catching graphics and clear messaging, a pylon sign can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to increase brand recognition and drive sales.


6. Building Signage

By incorporating big, bold, and 3D exterior signage on their building, businesses can increase their visibility and effectively convey the type of experience customers can expect inside.

Colorful characters can also be added to building signage to make the sign visually engaging and interesting, catching the attention of passersby. Everyone will know your business is meant for kids with this winning combination of colors, characters, and fun!

Such signage can also help your business stand out from the competition and make a memorable impression on potential customers. By investing in attention-grabbing signage, businesses can increase foot traffic and ultimately drive sales.

7. Fun and Educational Signs and Graphics

Signs and graphics are not only informative but can also be educational and fun for children. This is especially true in children’s museums, where signs and displays are designed to teach young visitors about a variety of topics in a visually engaging way.

Colorful and interactive signs with graphics and illustrations can help children retain information better and make the learning experience more enjoyable. Use this technique in your dental office for a fun and engaging experience.

Infographic signs use visual elements, such as charts, diagrams, and icons, to convey information in a clear, but approachable, way. Infographics can be used to provide patients with information about how to maintain good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing techniques, and the importance of regular check-ups.

Overall, signs play an important role in helping customers and children navigate through your family-friendly business and communicate important information about your fun brand. Have fun with your wayfinding and make your business the first choice for families in your community!

Want some amazing child-friendly signage of your own? Connect with one of our Creative Consultants today to learn how you can get your own unforgettable wayfinding experience!

Check out more inspiring signage and wayfinding ideas for your office:

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Create a Memorable Patient Experience Through Dental Office Interior Design and Decor

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to a magical patient experience.



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Tips for Creating a Presentation Area in Your Children’s Library

A library’s storytime area or presentation area is a great space to engage with your community and draw attention to your library. Having exciting decor in a library’s interior area can be a great way to appeal to kids and families. Kids will be excited to attend events and visit the library knowing that it has a space built for them.

Here are ways you can enhance your presentation area and leave an impression on your visitors.

Choosing the Ideal Space for Your Library’s Children’s Presentation Area

When selecting a space in your children’s library that can be dedicated to presentations and storytime with kids, there are several factors to consider to ensure it is appropriate and functional for the purpose.

Firstly, it is important to choose a space that is easily accessible to visitors, especially families with young children where stroller parking space is a factor to consider. Consider a location that is on the main floor, near the entrance, or in an area with high traffic. This will help to increase visibility and encourage visitors to use the presentation area.

Secondly, the space should be visible from various parts of the library. Choose a location that is visible from the circulation desk or other busy areas, such as the children’s section. This will help to promote the use of the presentation area and ensure that visitors know where to go for events and activities.

Thirdly, the space should be large enough to accommodate groups of children and their caregivers comfortably. Consider the average size of groups attending events, and ensure there is enough seating and floor space to accommodate them.

Finally, consider the acoustics of the space. Make sure that it is quiet enough for presenters to be heard without distraction, while also ensuring that it is not too quiet that it dampens the energy of the events.

Comfortable and Inclusive Seating Options for Library Storytime Areas

It’s important to choose seating options that are comfortable for children and their caregivers. Plan for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. Floor cushions, bean bags, and kid-sized chairs are great options for children, while adult-sized chairs or benches are suitable for caregivers. You may also want to consider providing some tables for children to use for drawing or other activities during events.

The seating arrangement should be designed to allow for optimal viewing and participation. Consider a semi-circle or U-shaped seating arrangement, which allows for good visibility and participation for all attendees.

Adding a small stage or podium can create a focal point for presenters and make the presentation area feel more professional. A podium or stage can also make it easier for presenters to be heard and seen by the audience, especially if the space is large or if there are distractions from other library activities.

By considering the seating and layout of the presentation area, you can create a comfortable and engaging space that will encourage children to participate in literacy activities and events and promote a love of reading.

Enhancing Library Presentation Areas with Essential Multimedia Tools

Adding multimedia equipment to a presentation area in a children’s library can greatly enhance the experience for attendees and presenters. Equip the area with multimedia tools such as a projector, screen, TV, and sound system equipped with a microphone, so that presenters can easily share visual aids, videos, or music with the audience.

If you can, add lighting or a spotlight to draw attention to your presenter.

By equipping the presentation area with multimedia tools, the library can create a more professional and polished environment for events and activities. This can help to attract high-quality presenters and improve the overall reputation of the library.

Creative Decorating Ideas for Inviting Library Presentation Spaces

Make the presentation area visually appealing and inviting for children by adding colorful artwork and murals.

Using Creative Backdrops to Transform Library Presentation Areas

Consider using creative backdrops within your decor to really set the scene at your presentation area. Depending on the atmosphere that your library is going for, you can have anything from abstract, contemporary art to fun and whimsical pieces on your interior walls.

theater themed selfie stage in pediatric dentist office

These unique pieces can also create fun backgrounds for photos that you or your visitors can use on social media when not in use.

Create Wonder in Your Library Presentation Area with a Theme

Consider choosing a theme that reflects the library’s mission or focus, such as nature, animals, or a specific literary genre. This can help to create a cohesive and visually appealing space that ties in with the library’s overall brand. Theming is also a great way to immerse your guests and keep them engaged during presentations.

Themes can include having a woodland forest theme and surrounding your guests with the beauty of trees and the natural environment, allowing them to stay connected to nature indoors.

Or transport children under the sea with a sunken ship presentation area with sharks and fish eagerly watching the speaker.

Having a unique theme and characters that come with it can create a central landmark for your space and help focus attention on your little ones. These spaces can also be talking points for your presentees to help break the ice with their audience.

There are many ways that a library can add exciting, themed decor to its presentation area to appeal to kids and families. Creative backdrops, unique murals, and creating wonder are great ways to begin crafting the environment that you and your visitors will enjoy. With unique environments and themed spaces, your library will be filled with eager visitors and, even better, eager readers.

Engage with the Community in Your Library’s Presentation Area

Ultimately if you want to build an amazing presentation area in your library, you need to engage the community. People are what makes your library a success!

Involve local schools, community groups, and parent organizations in the presentation area’s activities to build partnerships and strengthen community engagement. Plan regular events and activities, such as author visits, book clubs, storytelling sessions, or craft workshops, that can take place in the presentation area. Make sure to promote these events through your library’s website, social media, and other marketing channels.

By following these steps, you can create a presentation area in your children’s library that promotes literacy, engages young readers, and fosters a love of learning.

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Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your library into a place that captures everyone’s attention!



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Here, There, and Everywhere! “Parketing” Tips for Your Vehicle

This guide will review our top tips to maximize your vehicle wrapping so you can take your practice on the road in style!

Studies from 2016 reported that approximately 15.9 million Canadians[1] and 128 million people in the United States[2] commuted daily to work in a personally owned vehicle. According to the AAA, it is estimated that one car advertisement can reach up to 70,000 impressions a day[3]. Wow! With those kinds of numbers and a sizable portion of those commuters spending an hour or more in their car, marketing on the road might just be your best chance at reaching a large audience without spending exorbitant amounts of money on marketing.

But how do you best catch the eye of the average driver? What info do you want to get across to a potential patient in that brief moment? How do you communicate that info effectively when you only have a captive audience for mere seconds?

Be Clear and Concise with The Contact Info Displayed on Your Vehicle

Choosing what info you want to get across in that short time is pivotal. Make sure your logo, phone number, and URL are visible to drivers on all sides so no matter where in traffic you are drivers know where to reach you.

Make Your Vehicle Stand Out from the Crowd (and Traffic)

While there’s nothing wrong with a simple sticker printed of your logo and stuck on your rear-view window, there’s a high chance you may drive past a potential patient before they have time to notice it. Simple stickers are as forgettable as they are understated.

To really maximize the potential effectiveness of vehicle wrapping, you need to think bold! Bright colors from sunroof to wheel well, roof-mounted sculptures, and both URL and phone contact methods all contribute to a far more memorable traveling billboard experience. With such a small window of impact, you gotta go all the way!

Tell a Story with Your Vehicle Wrap Design

You may only have a few seconds in the eyes of a fellow driver unless you’re stuck in a traffic jam, so you want to get noticed and be memorable.

Utilize bold colors and whimsical characters that set a scene. Include a silly joke to really stand out, like this poor octopus and his frightened crab friend, trying to drive with a broken steering wheel.

Match Your Vehicle Graphics and 3D to Your Office Theme

We might be biased, but when you incorporate your practice theme into your wrapped vehicle, it’s a home run – especially if you have external decor already!

If your community is already driving by the curious safari-themed building everyday, when they see a smaller version cruising down the highway, they know exactly where you’re going. It might even remind them that oh yeah, they’ve been wanting to book an appointment for a while!

Take advantage of what you already have and continue to encourage brand awareness by theming your vehicles with just a taste of what they’ll see if they visit in person.

Take Your Wrapped Vehicle to Trade Shows and School Events

Use your vehicle to grab attention at events. Community fairs and markets are a great place to set up a booth and offer advice for parents or brushing demonstrations for kids. Your vehicle can be used as an eye-catching sign or as a fun photo op for families to draw them to your booth.

Drive Your Themed Vehicle in Local Parades

A colorful and fun vehicle is an instant parade float.

Blast some tunes on your radio, find some volunteers to wave enthusiastically from the windows, and have branded toothbrushes or goodie bags to hand out to the crowds as you pass by.

Finally, Don’t be Afraid to Just Park

If you have a quick commute to and from the office or put your gorgeously wrapped vehicle in a covered garage, you may not be utilizing your traveling billboard to its full potential!

We highly recommend choosing a populous community or main city road to park your vehicle during the day. Think of it like a bus bench or lawn sign – but you don’t have to pay for the space!

If your city releases census data, try and find communities with your target demographic to park your car. Not only is it a constant reminder of your practice, but it also reminds them that you’re local and trustworthy.

Bonus items to add include brochure holders which are cheap, easy, and can hang out your windows with info for curious passersby to take.

Pro tip: Run social media contests around your vehicle. Park your traveling billboard, take a photo, and ask people to guess where you are for a chance to win a prize and drum up more social media engagement, likes, and shares!

Want to see more examples of IDS designed car wraps? Check them out here!

If you’re ready to get your vehicle decked out for your practice, reach out to one of our Creative Consultants today! Let’s get this show on the road.

[1] StatCan

[2] Statista

[3] The Benefits of Car Advertising



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Say Cheese! Playful Photo Op Inspiration

The ultimate investment in both marketing and office appeal, a photo op is the perfect way to make a huge impact in your community awareness.

Unique and fun, a photo op combines form and function by injecting instant playfulness into your space while also working 24/7 to market your brand. But what type works best for your practice? And what more can you do with your photo op once you have it? We’ll explore the answers to these questions and more by examining one of IDS’s favorite additions to any office.

But first and most importantly…

What is a photo op?

A photo op is anything that is eye-catching and lends itself to selfies and sharing with friends or family. At IDS, a photo op is a sculpture or wall mural that is designed to encourage photos. Think posing animals, hole cutouts for guests to put their faces through, or murals with signage that advertise a clinic name or logo. 

Why should you add a photo op to your office decor?

The first and most obvious reason is the undeniable fun that a photo op brings to an office. If you want your practice to be known for its friendly atmosphere, nothing says ‘playful’ quite like a smiling turtle greeting guests as they approach your front door.

Second, the marketing value found in photo ops is second to none.

Picture this: A young child just finished she dental checkup, and she has no cavities! Smiling and excited, her mom asks to get a picture of her with the surfboarding pug photo op in the reception area. The pug is holding a sign with your practice logo on it – and when that mom proudly posts the picture of her happy daughter all over social media, her network of parents take note.

The stress of doctor or dentist appointments is top of mind for all parents, and suddenly they see a solution posted by their trusted friend or family member. Your brand is instantly catapulted in front of an entire audience of potential patients, and they already have the ultimate stamp of approval. A photo of a smiling child post-checkup shared to a network of other parents is the holy grail of social media marketing.

This is the true value of your photo op in action. They are the perfect marketing employee – they never stop working for you, and they work for free!

There’s no one way to do a photo op, so we’ll explore everything from giant sculptures to friendly cartoon animals that’ll have parents begging their kids for just one more picture. Our photo ops are specifically designed to be irresistibly fun to kids, and equally irresistible to parents who can’t wait to snap a photo and share it with the family.

Explore Different Types of Themed Photo Ops

Bench Photo Ops

Casual and comfortable, bench photo ops are a great way to really get your patients shoulder to shoulder with your office mascot.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors, and are a great option for guests with mobility challenges who may not be able to pose beside a free-standing sculpture. Put your arm around a friendly fox and her baby, or read along with a safari flamingo.

“Sit-in” Photo Ops

Photo ops don’t always have to be animals or mascots that you stand with – they can also be interactive play pieces!

“Sit-in” photo ops are created specifically for kids to… you guessed it! Sit inside! Children won’t be able to resist crawling in the driver’s seat of a jeep mid-safari expedition or explore a colorful fair-ground snack stand. These photo ops play right into the imagination of a young child and make both great pictures and play places to pass the time pre-appointment.

Large Scale Photo Ops

Patients will say OMG the moment they see your gigantic (and very photogenic) sculpture!

These are the photo ops that patients and even passersby won’t be able to resist posting on social media. The playfulness is simply unforgettable, and the gargantuan size will be easily communicated through photographs with a smiling child standing beside it for comparison.

Posing Photo Ops

These interactive photo ops bring patients right into the action with immersive environments parents and kids can’t resist!

These sculptures feel more like part of a theme park than a photo feature in a dental office – and what a great shot for the social media feed!

Face Cut-out Photo Ops

Another great and playful photo op option to bring your patients on board with your branding is head hole sculptures or wall cutouts.

Any child (or parent) can proudly announce what an amazing experience they had at your practice while also creating a hilarious memory. Who would’ve thought you could have so much fun at the dentist?

Tip: Use accessories, signs, and social promos to make the most of your photo op.

So, you’ve got the photo op installed. People are loving it and it’s brought new life into your practice. How do you take advantage of it? The possibilities are endless, but here are our top 3 ideas.

1. Create a social media campaign with prizes. For example, when people take photos with your photo op and tag you on the social media channel of your choice, a random winner is chosen and given a free checkup, or perhaps another gift. It’s a free promo all over social media!

2. Include signage with different phrases that suit your practice. Allow kids to proudly advertise Cavity-Free Today!, Had a Great Appointment!, or I was Brave Today!.

For an optometry office, try a sign that says New Glasses Day! or My First Pair of Glasses!.

If you own a medical clinic try, I Was Vaccinated Today!, I Got a Shot Today!, or I’m Feeling Better! for children to pose with.

3. Do cross-promotion with other local businesses. Bring the local health food store staff or neighboring orthodontist in to take photos with your sculpture and create a long-lasting connection in your community.

Want some tips on the best ways to utilize a photo op? Check out 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Office Photo Op

For more inspiring photos of photos ops in dental and medical offices, check out Themed Photo Opportunities

Ready to get a photo op of your own? Connect with one of our amazing Creative Consultants today to learn how you can get your own unforgettable sculpture!



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3 Styles of Fun Waiting Room Seating Ideas

The truth is, no one likes waiting for their appointment. Despite that fact, waiting is an unavoidable part of receiving care, and whether it be for 2 minutes or 20, there are ways to make even those first moments of the appointment more exciting.

To add a bit of fun to a reception area, you can start from the very chairs your patients are sitting on.

Everyone can take advantage of updated seating, whether it be a simple space needing a pop of color, or a fully themed office wanting to immerse their patients even further in their custom decor. Your guests won’t want to sit on a boring office chair when they’re surrounded by an underwater pirate adventure, so why not make patients feel like a part of the action by letting them sit in the scenery?

To help you bring some creativity to an unexpected place like your waiting room chairs, we’ve assembled a collection of our favorite seating projects for dental and medical offices that maximize your seating space and maximize fun!


Bench seating is both space and patient-efficient and doesn’t require a ton of square footage to fit a whole lot of guests. Plus it allows families or groups to sit together more comfortably than a row of chairs.

In this fun barnyard themed kids’ playroom, we created hay bales benches to transport kids to the farm while they enjoy a movie or play on a wall-mounted gaming station. Subtle rope ties space off the individual seats while still making visitors feel like they’re home on the range.

Adding a photo op character is another great way to make your bench seating fun (and great for some interactive marketing). Patients will love sitting next to this friendly elephant and maybe take a look over his shoulder to see what he’s reading.

Adding a logo or a sign to a seating area with a photo op creates a great opportunity for organic marketing. Parents will want to show off pictures of their “Cavity Free” kids sitting with a friendly octopus to their friends and family and as a result, your logo will be posted all over their social feeds.

Building seating into your themed sculptures is a must for any fully themed office. This bench seating looks right at home with matching log supports and a cute sculpted leopard head peeking out of the trunk. Kids can make themselves comfortable and play on the mounted gaming stations while sitting right next to their parents.

For a larger space, bench seating can take on a life of its own as the centerpiece of your office. This client incorporated both an exciting jungle adventure scene and a live fish tank into their bench seating. It’s like peering through a rushing waterfall. Practical and entertaining!


Circular benches are a beautiful and immersive way to incorporate your theme into your seating while creating a memorable centerpiece. Adding centerpiece seating to an existing area invigorates the space effortlessly.

There is a reason the tree is a classic centerpiece to circular seating. They evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Who hasn’t lounged under lush tree cover in a park or a forest? Your patients have it made in the shade while in your waiting room. One focal point tree is a great and simple way to keep up the illusion of the forest without sacrificing practical seating area if you are low on floor space. 

For an extra interactive bonus, you can add a tunnel feature for kids to keep themselves busy while they wait for their appointment.

But it’s not all about trees. There are so many ways to incorporate other themes, like ocean or beach, into your seating area! Whether it be a breezy beachside scene with a lighthouse centerpiece or an elaborate deep-sea coral sculpture, you can incorporate the ocean easily into your circular seating.

Above or below the waves, patients will be able to enjoy a day at the beach right in your waiting room.

If you have high ceilings, circular centerpiece seating is one of the best options to accentuate that open area. Seating doesn’t have to be a huge statement piece to be impressive, a small touch can be just as impactful, like this adorable squirrel corner bench.

Create that wow piece that takes your reception area from just a waiting room to a “wow” room! 


Stools are the perfect seating addition for children waiting in your reception area. Easy to move around and incredibly space-efficient, stools are a simple and cost-effective way to dress up your office.

Log sculpted stools fit in woodland settings with their simple, rustic design – they’re certainly a favorite of ours.

Stools are also an incredible asset when immersing guests in a fully themed space. These colorful aliens look like they’re popping right out of craters in an asteroid while offering comfort and support for each kid’s gaming station. What a blast!

Talk about functional decor! Stools are perfect for any gaming area where you want children to sit back and relax while they are waiting.

Who knew stools could have so much character? This springtime waiting area utilized their rolly polly worm character as comfortable seating that blends in perfectly with their theme.

Updating your office can be as easy as bringing in new and fun seating for your patients to enjoy. Whether it be a simple sculpted bench or a custom centerpiece with surrounding circular seating, updated seating can transform your existing office decor or immerse your guests in an overall theme.

Check out more inspiring seating and decor ideas for your office:

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Dental Office Interior Design and Decor Tips

Ready to stand out from the competition? Don’t hesitate to reach out and one of our Creative Consultants will be happy to help you choose the most eye-catching seating that works with your unique space!



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Our Top 4 Attention Grabbing Building Exterior Ideas

Be honest – would you rather your patients say they booked with your practice just because it’s closest to their house or because their kids can’t stop talking about the giant octopus on the roof and they had to come? The answer is obvious.

Transforming your office from a regular building to a legendary local landmark can be as simple as adding incredible external decor that parents and kids won’t be able to drive past without stopping for photos.

Whether it be subtle window decals that make your office seem like it’s hidden deep in the jungle, or a 20-foot tall elephant busting through the wall and into the street, nothing says “fun” quite like well themed exterior signage.

Our clients can’t stop talking about how their external creations changed their practice for the better, so we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite examples to get your ideas flowing!

Why Add External Signage to Your Building?

It’s the ultimate tried and true advertising technique.

If you want to attract new business and become the #1 choice in your community, your community needs to know about you first! Sure, a sign is fine but to stand out from the competition and truly use your brand as a tool, you need to think outside the box.

Think of your exterior design as a silent salesperson. Themed windows or photo op sculptures are constantly working day and night to differentiate your practice from others, letting everyone know that what you’re doing is new and exciting.

Not only is it making your commitment to fun and high-quality obvious to anyone driving by, but it also helps potential patients locate your business.

“Telling patients it is the clinic with the giraffe and alligator is an easy visual landmark to help them find us. This has helped get new patients through the doors.

– Sheryl Wright, family nurse practitioner 

A strong impression will stick like glue, and with the right amount of intrigue in your design, a new guest might not even need to navigate on their phone to your location. They already know where your office is since they’ve passed by your adorable bear sculpture a hundred times, and maybe even stopped to take a picture.

There’s no other way to say it: Attention-grabbing exterior decor makes your business stand out!


The ultimate in external decor, your practice will be seen for miles around with a powerful and fun rooftop landmark! If you have the space (meaning no upstairs neighbors) or your building-mates are ready to be injected with some professional whimsy too, there is no better choice than a rooftop landmark to stand apart from the competition.

Creative multi-character sculptures can stay on theme, like this adorable cast of jungle characters helping each other brush and floss: 

Smiling faces peering down from the rooftops are both fun and also more inviting for nervous kids on their way to the dentist:

“I had my staff track every new customer for six months by asking them what it was that brought them to our practice. At the time, I had been spending as much as six thousand dollars per month on newspaper ads, TV commercials and even radio spots. I would have been happy had my new investment been responsible for 50% of the new patients tracked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in… a full 94% cited the theming above my entrance!”

– Dr. Chuck Hughes, dentist

Or what about this eye-catching octopus that is easy to see from miles around? Both the interior and exterior are underwater themed in this show-stopping clinic, and the cherry on top is no doubt their curious rooftop cephalopod.

“When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.”

– Dr. Derek Thompson, dentist and owner of 7 themed iffices


Like rooftop landmarks, ground level landmarks can be seen for miles around and really define your practice in the community. They also act as a great way to bring your guests in on the action, encouraging them to take photos with incredible sculptures they can reach and pose with.

Ground level landmarks can be built right into the wall, alluding to the theme inside or placed close to the road to draw potential patients. Create a visual story like this high-octane barnyard chase:

Or a smashing vignette like this jungle trio in a Jeep:

See more showstopping decor, inside and out, in this undersea office.


Fun meets function in any photo op! Not only is a photo op sculpture perfect as a centerpiece to your external decor, it’s a great way for your guests to do the marketing for you. Encourage online photo competitions by giving incentives to patients for posing with your sculpture. Or, take advantage of social media obsessed parents who would love a cute shot of their kid smiling and cavity free after their check up, arm and arm with a grinning turtle.

Photo ops can be placed at the front door of your office as a friendly greeting:

Or a whimsical addition to practical outdoor bench seating:

Show off your theme before guests walk through the door with a fun exterior photo op!


If you’ve decided to theme your office interior, exterior window decals are the perfect finishing touch to really bring the environment together. You’re literally wrapping your office in your theme! It’s also a sneaky way to create some intrigue in the minds of potential patients. If the outside looks like a sunny day at the beach:

Or a safari adventure:

– it’s literally a window into another world.

Window decals on their own are great as an exciting and eye-catching addition, advertising to anyone driving by that there’s tons of fun to be had inside.

THE BENEFITS OF Exterior Office Decor

External office decor is the perfect way to start telling your brand story before your patients even walk through the door. It’s eye-catching, innovative, and memorable in a way that few other marketing tactics are.

As they say, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” and businesses have been utilizing fun signage and external decor as long as business has existed. It works for a reason! Externally theming your practice with playful and fun characters is a striking and effective way to tell onlookers just how special and incredible your office is. Needless to say, it was hard to choose our favorites. Which one is yours?

Ready to become a local legend in your community? Landmarks are a great part of an IDS Environment™. One of our Creative Consultants would love to help you transform your environment. Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started.



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Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Enhancing ABA Therapy Centers with Themed Decor

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Top 11 Creative Reception Desks

It’s the first and last thing your patients see when they walk through the door of your office, so why not make it exciting? Your reception desk is the first point of contact for any visitor to your practice, new and returning. It acts as the focal point of your office space, drawing the eye to the administration team and guiding anxious new patients who may not know where to check-in.

For these reasons, if you want to bring some fresh new excitement to your office, the obvious first place to start is the reception desk! We’ve created hundreds over the years, but let’s narrow down some of our favorites.


1. Frigid and Fun Front Reception

The immersive sculptures and murals in this desk design will make you feel like you’re part of the action! By utilizing the desk space itself, it looks like the reception was carved right out of a glacier with snowy overhang still intact. Even the floor is exciting, allowing guests to follow the bear paw prints and penguin flippers directly from check-in to their appointment. Not only is it fun, but also a great distraction for kids who may be nervous.

The treatment area in this office is as cool as the desk.

2. Under the Sea Whale Welcome Desk

This reception desk is the ultimate example of a show-stopping entrance to your office. From the vibrant colors to the life-sized whale, be prepared to have pictures of your front desk plastered all over social media!

Immersive, colorful, and fun, this beautiful front desk has it all. Sculpted seaweed pillars are built right into a beautiful coral reef desk that incorporates both custom 3D fish and vibrant mural work – never mind the giant 3D whale suspended from the ceiling! While not only acting as a dazzling greeting to patients, nervous children will instantly forget their fears of the doctor or dentist the moment they see the friendly whale smiling at them when they come inside.

There’s a lot more underwater decor to see in this office.

3. Zoom Around the World Reception Desk

This globetrotting reception desk has no lack of exciting features to look at! Remember at the beginning how we discussed the front desk as the focal point that sets up the entire office experience?

This jet-setting design sets the theme for the rest of the office, which features a wide variety of exotic environments – will patients prefer the treatment room set in the pyramids of Egypt or the busy streets of London? What a great way to theme your space! This unique build incorporates 3D sculptures on a 2D mural, making each piece stand out even more.

Explore the rest of the world in this dental office.

4. A Sophisticated Woodland Mural Desk

What could be better than walking through the door of your local doctor’s office and being greeted with a serene forest setting? This sophisticated silhouette combines soft greens and browns to create a beautiful and soothing environment while still feeling fun. Done entirely in a 2D mural, the depth of this inviting forest will have patients coming back again and again.

We love this reception desk mural for more teen and adult-oriented environments that still want a unique design.

5. A Simple Seaside Check-in Desk

You don’t have to dive too deep with theming to make a huge impact! The adorable dolphin mural covers the entire front wall, and 3D sculpted dock supports transport any guest to a beachy seaside vacation upon arrival.

Check out the rest of this beach themed reception area.

6. A Fantastical Castle Adventure Reception Desk

This reception desk is like entering a portal into a magical world! From floor to ceiling, the inquisitive dragon and stacks of books will keep kids entertained while their parents schedule their next appointment. For this build, we incorporated 3D characters everywhere possible, utilizing not only desk and wall space, but ceiling tiles as well! The extra book sculpts on the counter really bring the theme to life, allowing staff and patients alike to get in on the adventure. 

Tip: can you find the Dental Care for Dragons book? 

Like this desk? Check out the entire magical office here.

7. Pirates in the Bayou Welcome Desk

Visual storytelling is a great way to decorate your front reception. In this exciting pirate themed example, kids and parents alike will love the eager crocodile gazing at the eye-patch clad turtle – a great character to grab a photo with while waiting for their appointment. In the background mural, we see a pirate ship silhouette. Is it a pirate ship full of pirate turtles? Who knows! It leaves enough to the imagination to excite any child waiting for their checkup.

Not only is this desk ideal for storytelling, the incorporation of 3D characters both to the side and on the desk itself really brings it to life. Plus, a convenient “welcome” sign guides new patients effortlessly!

There’s more to see in this bayou office.

8. Tropical and Technicolor Reception Desks

Ocean themed desks are one of our most popular designs, and it’s easy to see why! This bright and fun reception desk area is filled with fantastical 2D murals and 3D elements that liven the space instantly. We even themed the dividing walls to look like ocean waves! Can you spot the baby fish?

Explore the rest of this deep sea office decor here.

9. Explore Shipwreck Cove Desk and Bonus Play Area

This bright and colorful reception desk also doubles as the entrance to the kids play area, the perfect example of an IDS Space™! Utilizing the combined reception desk and play area spaces, this entirely 3D shipwreck themed archway makes it feel like you’re entering a whole new world of undersea adventure, while keeping the rest of the waiting area geared towards adults. Not only is this fun for your guests, but your staff will also love feeling like they’re part of the undersea action too.

10. Welcome to the Savannah Desk

We love the way playful animals are used as functional supports in this safari themed reception area. It also acts as a great example that not all custom theming has to be an entire overhaul – the original tile design on the front of the desk was kept while the new design elements were created to surround it.  The tall giraffe also acts as a playful photo op, while the thatched roof makes the entire experience feel more immersive.

Click here to tour the rest of this safari office.

11. A Dino-mite Dinosaur Themed Desk

This desk will make your guests feel like they’re part of an exciting archaeological dig! Dinosaurs are a favorite for young and old, so the combination of partially excavated fossils and hanging pterodactyls are both fun and visually engaging. Bonus! The 3D fossils create an exciting sensory experience for children to touch while they wait. This client opted to incorporate their business name into their front desk, and this was seamlessly done by painting each letter to look like the ancient rocks surrounding it.

There’s more to uncover at this dino dig, check out the rest of the dinosaur-themed office here.

Transforming your space is as easy as theming your front desk with a magically creative touch. New patients will instantly know they made the right choice when they see the effort that you have put into your office, while existing patients will recommend your practice to all their friends. Before you know it, referrals will sound like “I go to the doctor with the giraffe at the front desk”!

Interested in more decor and interior design ideas for your office? Check out these resources:

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Create a Memorable Patient Experience through Dental Office Interior Design and Decor

Alleviating Patient Anxiety Through Office Theming



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Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Enhancing ABA Therapy Centers with Themed Decor

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Our Top 5 Hands-Free Waiting Room Ideas to Engage and Entertain Patients

Between the social distancing policies, masks, extra PPE, and barred-off areas, your waiting room might be feeling a bit cold, unfriendly, or even a little scary to your patients these days.

Or maybe you’ve looked around your empty waiting room while patients wait in their cars and thought it looked dull or lonely. If that sounds like you, then now might just be the perfect time to make some upgrades to welcome patients back into your office with a fun, new look. 

Since the arrival of COVID, one of the most common questions we’ve received is how to engage and entertain younger patients before their appointments without adding shared touch points (and therefore more cleaning time to your staffs’ plates). Read on for our top 5 hands-free recommendations!

1. I Spy Wall Murals

I Spy Wall Murals have always offered an incredible value due to their multi-purpose use as colorful decor and a fun waiting room activity. This is especially true in today’s world when you consider that it keeps kids entertained without resorting to screen time or the need for hands-on games. Another added bonus? I Spy pictures games can boost kids’ memory and visual learning, which parents will definitely appreciate.

Another great perk is the companion activity sheets that you can easily print at your office. They can search for all the items listed on the scavenger hunt list, where dozens of items are hidden within the illustration. It’s like a Where’s Waldo book, but as decor for your office wall!

Would you like to see a sample of an I Spy Wall Mural?

Enter your info below to receive a PDF with a jungle and underwater sample. Grab your kids (or do it yourself) and see how many objects you can find.

Download a sample of an underwater and jungle I Spy Wall Mural from IDS:

Speaking of activity sheets….

2. Coloring Pages or Activity Sheets

While your patients are checking in for their appointments, you can offer them various coloring pages and activity sheets to work on while they wait. You can also give them a set of disposable crayons, so there’s no need to share with other patients throughout the day. Or, if you send out appointment reminder emails, you can always attach some to the email and let them know they can print them off to bring along while they wait.

There are some great free coloring pages online that you can find. We also have a selection of free downloadable coloring pages and activity sheets, as well as drawing lessons, available on our Kids Club page.

Patients have fun, parents can relax while their kids are occupied, and staff have an effective time-management tool that does not require any extra cleaning. Everybody wins!

3. Suspended 3D Decor

If your priority is to keep decor out of reach or to not increase the amount of sanitizing in your office, suspended 3D decor can make the environment fun for all ages. It can even serve as your smiling welcoming committee – no masks required here! 

Wayfinding signage in a clinic.
Waving character above the treatment chair in a private exam room.

Hanging decor like this is great for treatment rooms where patients will be spending most of their time laying back in a treatment chair looking up. In waiting rooms this type of a decor does not take the place of seating areas. 

4. Interactive Floor Projectors

This technology combines a high-quality projector with optical sensors to create a virtual playground. Kids can explore, make art, and play games by simply moving in the projection area – no hands-on contact required!

There are a few options out there, but the hands-down (or hands-off) winner is BEAM

As pioneers of the technology, they have the best gear and a game library of over 200 titles. IDS is proudly a distribution partner, so if you’d like more info, reach out and we can make some recommendations for how to best integrate it into your space!

5. Put On a Good Movie

There’s no shame in simply putting on a good movie to keep the kids occupied before their appointment. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to keeping kids entertained, so pop in a head bopper like Frozen, Moana, or Coco. You might feel a “Un Poco Loco” after listening to “Let it Go” all day, but you might be surprised how far it goes with the kids’ mood before heading back for their treatment.

These are just a few of our favorite solutions when it comes to hands-free waiting room entertainment.

Check out these great resources for more ideas for your practice, during COVID times or not.

Check out these related resources for keeping your office safe:

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Our Top 5 Hands-Free Waiting Room Ideas to Engage and Entertain Patients

Using TV as a Positive Distraction for Kids

Download an I Spy Mural Sample

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience.



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Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Enhancing ABA Therapy Centers with Themed Decor

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

5 Tips to Prepare Your Waiting Room for the New Normal

As practice and clinic owners begin focusing their attention on reopening, we rounded up a few tips we thought you might find helpful. 

For a more in-depth checklist on how to keep you, your staff, and your patients safe, check out this great article by AAPD. Most importantly, check with your local, state, and federal governments and implement any required regulations for reopening your practices.


1. Revise Your Waiting Area Seating Arrangement

There are many options to consider, so do what works best for your space. Some options include removing chairs, adding curtains/sheets between seats, or spreading your chairs out into unused areas/rooms if you have the space to accommodate. If you see kids in your practice, consider arranging chairs in ‘pods’ to accommodate the patient, a parent, and possibly a sibling. If you have IDS benches or other connected seating options, consider marking designated seats to help patients keep their distance from one another.

2. The Less People in the Waiting Room, the Better

If you want to eliminate non-essential personnel in the building, ask patients and their families to wait/fill out any paperwork in their car. Call or text them on their cell phones when you are ready for them to come in. You can ask that any additional family members remain in the car if possible, to avoid overcrowding the waiting room or treatment area.

3. Reduce the Number of Interactive Touchpoints

Reduce the number of patient interaction touchpoints. For example, wipe downs pens and credit card machines between patients and lessen pen/form transfers through contactless solutions, such as emailing receipts.

4. Help Maintain the Distance

Use floor stickers to encourage your patients to allow proper social distancing from front of house staff and other patients waiting inside. To help with this, IDS has created a variety of floor stickers based on our most popular themes, available for you to order a cost.

Go to or call 1-888-884-4102 to request social distancing floor stickers for your office.

5. Eliminate Unnecessary Contact Points

Reduce the number of contact points in your waiting room. Mark play areas off-limits and turn off video game consoles; take away any magazines or toys that you would normally provide to your patients to help pass the time.

Check out these related resources for preparing your office for the ‘new normal’:

Our Top 5 Hands-Free Waiting Room Ideas to Engage and Entertain Patients

FAQ about Covid-19 and Keeping Your Theming Clean

We hope you found these tips insightful. Visit our Facebook page and let us know if you have any other great tips for implementing social distancing measures in a professional environment!



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Keep Guests on Track with 7 Types of Fun Wayfinding Signage for Pediatric Healthcare Spaces

Tips for Creating a Presentation Area in Your Children’s Library

Make a BIG Impact with a SMALL Budget Using the IDS Essentials™ Collection

At IDS, we’re best known for our highly creative, custom-themed spaces. We often feature some of the more elaborate and in-depth environments in our portfolio, but did you know that we also offer a host of solutions that can make a big impact even if you’re working with a small budget?

Over the years, we have come to recognize the most popular characters from our creations and some great ways to use them. We recently decided to pull these all-time favorites together into a catalog of pre-designed, family-friendly decor called he IDS Essentials™ Collection.

You’ll find some of our classic designs, as well as several designs from our brand-new contemporary collection, which is designed for a more sophisticated feel. What all these products have in common is that because they are pre-designed, there is a cost-saving for you!

Here are some examples of what you get with even a modest budget:

$5,000 Budget

With this budget you can cover a 25’ long wall with a mural (at 10’ high), or you can mix and match by doing a mural on a smaller wall and adding a faux window. 

Or, use the budget to create a super-fun kid’s brushing station!

$10,000 Budget

With this budget you can get a 3D sculpted character for your waiting room plus a smile tile for your ceiling. 

Or, mix and match by selecting murals for two to three walls, and add some awesome decor items such as a themed bench and a brushing mirror.

$15,000 Budget

With this budget you can create an amazing photo op for social media by using a combination of a wall mural, a themed bench, and one of our charming sculpted characters.

Or, create an engaging kid’s corner that includes murals, benches, and a gaming station that incorporates touchscreen tablets and hands-on activities to appeal to a range of ages.

No matter what your budget, the ROI is compelling – IDS decor makes your space more inviting for young families, encourages kids to have fun while in your care, and helps your office stand out in the community. Explore the entire IDS Essentials™ Collection here and start imagining.

Check out these related resources for ideas on theming your office:

How to Theme Your Office on a Budget

Whether Your Office is Big or Small, We Have Options to Theme It All

Create a Memorable Patient Experience Through Dental office Interior Design and Decor.

IDS theming is not an expense; it is an investment in your business.

Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience.



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Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Unlocking Success: Tips and Tricks for Applying for Grants

Enhancing ABA Therapy Centers with Themed Decor




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