What Story Does Your Environment Tell?

Consider this – a “did you see that!?!” exterior landmark or an interior theming package from IDS signals to the entire community that you go above-and-beyond for children and families who visit your business.


Your new IDS Environment™ is an investment into your facilities that pays dividends for years to come by supercharging all future marketing initiatives. In fact, an engaging and memorable experience is the ideal foundation for triggering glowing online reviews and eye-catching posts on social media.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

IDS is a full-service solution:
vision – design – engineering – fabrication – installation

Custom, high-concept environments are what we are famous for… but no one succeeds alone. You are invited to direct the vision and concept for your new space as much as you’d like – or leave it to us and we’ll dream up something fresh and new.

As your project progresses, we work closely with the rest of your team – whether it be your architect, interior designer, general contractor, or project manager – to ensure the process is smooth and the final environment is the perfect fit.

Safari Pediatric Dental Office Case Study


Dr. Julie Russo and husband James Russo own and run a pediatric dental office in their home state of Florida. Dr. Russo also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, so her love of animals is reflected in her choice of amazing office safari decor.



Dr. Russo wanted to have the office of her dreams, sparing no expense. Her goal was to have an office that she was excited to go to every day – a place where she would spend most of her life. And of course, she wanted to share that feeling of excitement with her patients. She is dedicated to making sure that kids aren’t afraid of going to the dentist, with the hope they will grow up to be lifelong dental patients.


As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Russo was able to create an amazing IDS Environment™ throughout her entire practice. Her fun safari theme is carried through the entire office, from the reception desk to the waiting area, to the treatment bay and post-op room, creating a fun and immersive experience for patients, parents, and staff alike.

From James Russo – “Everyone comments on it and takes pictures of it. The theming proves that we’re committed to providing a good experience and are detail-oriented. It makes the experience memorable.”

By having a fully themed office, Dr. Russo is ensuring that her young patients have a positive relationship with the dentist and will continue to come back every six months for regular check-ups.

“It has provided great value, experience, and ambiance for the kids and their parents. Parents claim that their kids ask to go to the ‘animal office’ again so kids definitely have a positive experience with us.”

Scope of Work


  • Vehicle Wrap – mural wrap and 3D rhino horn



  • Reception Desk – giraffe, lemurs, and a tree welcome sign
  • Kids Area and Theater – safari tent wall murals, window “tent” details, crate benches, gaming tablet in crate tower, 3D lemur “bust out” character, 3D tarzir, 3D elephant and meerkat character photo op
  • Treatment Waiting Area – wall mural with caricatures, 2 game tablets housed in sculpted crate towers
  • Treatment “On Deck” Area – jeep safari wall mural, 2 gaming tablets in sculpted backpacks, 3D baobab tree
  • Post-op and Consultation Area – safari landscape murals and a sculpted tree with a monkey “bust out” through consultation room glass
  • Check-out Desk – grass mural wrap


You can view the complete themed office here.

Underwater Pediatric Dental Office Case Study


Dr. Mykhalus is a pediatric dentist in London, UK. She owns 2 practices, one that is focused on pediatric patients (view this jungle themed office), and the underwater themed office featured here, that serves the whole family including orthodontic services.



She and her partners saw a lack of quality pediatric dental care for their own kids and wanted to make a place where kids would associate dentistry with fun and happiness. They decided to invest in a practice located in the heart of London. Dental care for kids is covered by the government in the UK, so their goal was to stand out with both decor and technology in order to grow their business and attract patients.



IDS worked with Dr. Mykhlaus and her interior designer to remodel her existing location. With IDS theming, the office was transformed into a dental “theme park” for kids.

From Dr. Mykhalus – “We are definitely recognized as a very cool and innovative office with a different approach to dentistry – which is often seen as a very boring subject in the UK.”

The transformation was a success, gaining the office a huge amount of attention.

“When we opened our doors for the first time we had no patients, but now our patient numbers are growing day-by-day and we are well on the way to achieving our dream.”

Each floor imbues a happy and stress-free environment through the use of interactive kids’ areas – a pirate ship play structure, a dolphin photo op in the theater, an educational brushing station, and an engaging prize tower after a successful appointment.

“Patients love coming for their appointments and referring clinicians are happy with our service overall, so theming is one of the things that differentiates us from other London dentists.”

Scope of Work

Ground Floor

    • Entry Foyer – ocean murals and 3D swimming characters
    • Reception – desk cladding with murals, prize tower, and 3D whale
    • Corridor to Kids Area – ocean murals
    • Kids Area Waiting Room – pirate ship play structure featuring gaming tablets & slide, beach murals
    • Stairwell – portholes with graphic inserts


1st Floor

    • Treatment Room – murals


2nd Floor

    • Brushing Stations and Hallway – hippo, shark, and alligator brushing mirrors, murals
    • Theater Room – dolphin photo op, murals


You can view the complete themed office here.

Jungle Pediatric Medical Clinic Case Study


Brian Wright and his wife Sheryl Wright, a family nurse practitioner, own multiple family practice medical clinics (view their first underwater themed office here) throughout the southern US that treat patients of all ages with acute and chronic diseases.



Their goal was to attract new children and their families to their clinic by adding theming to the pediatric areas. They specifically wanted to draw attention to their building, which is flanked by an elementary school on one side and the highway on the other.


Due to the ideal location and impact of the exterior pieces, they were able to successfully draw attention to the clinic. While the eye-catching exterior brought people in, the interior theming kept them coming back.

From Sheryl Wright – “As a result of the theming, marketing has definitely improved. Even if patients cannot remember the name of the clinic, they know where we are and that our clinic is the fun place for kids to come play while they are waiting for their appointment.”

“Telling patients it is the clinic with the giraffe and alligator is an easy visual landmark to help them find us. This has helped get new patients through the doors.”

This clinic has a separate entrance just for pediatric patients, with its own reception, waiting area, and exam rooms. With this layout, they were able to create a magical, dedicated space just for children without theming the adult portions of his clinic.

“A parent told me that their son wanted to come get a shot so he could play in the waiting room. That’s a definite positive return on investment.”

Scope of Work


  • Landmark – 3D sculpture of an alligator holding up a giraffe
  • Signage – 3D sculpture of a hippo on pylon sign and with parrot hanging sign directing patients to pediatrics



  • Reception Area – jungle landscape murals around the entire waiting area, outhouse mural bathroom doors
  • Reception Desk – sculpted rock towers, lemurs, and welcome sign
  • Centerpiece Seating – sculpted treehouse, benches with custom upholstery
  • Gaming Area – sculpted rock gorilla head, 2X gaming tablets
  • Ceiling Decor – 3D elephant, snake, and tarsier characters on a zipline attached to the ceiling
  • Pediatric Exam Hallways – wall murals
  • 2 Triage Areas – wall murals
  • 12 Exam Rooms – wall murals

With IDS Environments™ you can create an immersive experience that will make your business more welcoming to your young visitors, from the moment they pull up, to the second they drive away!

No Matter Your Style, We Have You Covered

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No matter what your objective and esthetic, with a custom IDS Environment™ your vision can become a reality. Whether your visitor experience is packed full of playful characters like a trip to Disneyland, or something more refined and sophisticated for an older audience, we will create the perfect look.

Speak with an IDS Creative Consultant to explore how we can help your space reflect your unique brand.

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Check out IDS Spaces™ to transform a specific area within your location, such as a kids’ play room or a pediatric specific treatment room. Perfect for creating a special space just for kids.

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Dr. Derek Thompson Dentist, Owner of 7 Themed Offices

When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.

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Dr. Joe Yale Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I believe that our theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service and the best experience a child could have. It’s all about the people, the patients, and parents that we take care of.

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Dr. Jim Bowden Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I just completed an IDS renovation on my 20-year-old office and it could not have turned out any nicer. I could not be more pleased with the decision to work with IDS to completely rejuvenate and transform our office!

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